Mythwakers from Hope Well Books

We are proud to announce that Kate Ristau has received a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council to publish her next book series, Mythwakers from Hope Well Books!

If you’ve read Clockbreakers: The End of Time, you’ve already read a sample of her new nonfiction series!

We are so excited to be publishing this new nonfiction series for kids. Here’s a sample of what’s coming up next year!

Mythwakers: The Minotaur

Hi! My name is Asterion! You may recognize me from such books as Clockbreakers by Kate Ristau, or old-timey poems and epic stories written by guys like Ovid and Plutarch. Those authors got some things right, but they got more than a few things wrong, and I’m here to set the historical record straight.

My life is pretty amaze-ing.

Get it?

That joke never gets old.

I’m a Mythwaker. What? You don’t know what a myth is? Well, get comfortable, and we’ll explore myths, folklore, and most importantly: me.

Tune in next year for Mythwakers from Hope Well Books!

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