Clockbreakers Three from Hope Well Books

The series wraps up with Clockbreakers Three: The End of Time.

Clockbreakers Three from Hope Well Books

Charlie is back in Clockbreakers Three from Hope Well Books! She rolled her wheelchair to Ancient Greece and Mythic Ireland, and now she is opening one last door, hoping to find her dad, her best friend Maria, and her way back home. She is diving into Norse Mythology with Loki and an army of dwarves on her heels. Meanwhile, the sons and daughters of Hercules, two trickster gods, a couple of valkyries, a minotaur, and an army of automatons and bloodthirsty Vikings stand on the brink of war. Can she stop Prometheus from destroying time forever? Can she save the world before the clock breaks?

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Sample of Clockbreakers Three from Hope Well Books

I may have made a mistake.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, following that army through the ancient portal. I mean, we had our own army of automatons too, plus a Minotaur and a son of Hercules. By all accounts, we should have been prepared.

We were not.

We were, to put it quite simply, completely surrounded, utterly overwhelmed, and totally in trouble.

One hundred men with scraggly beards encircled us. They wore furs and wielded giant swords, spears, and axes. They were screaming at the top of their lungs, and they were running right toward us.

“Not again,” I said, and wheeled out of the way as a giant ax flew by my head.

This definitely wasn’t the plan. The plan, well, it was actually pretty terrible, but we didn’t have that much to work with at the time. We had arrived in Greece from Mythic Ireland without my best friend Maria or stupid, dumb, mean, annoying Paige. Our castle was destroyed, and half of our army was following Number One through the labyrinth. On top of all that, the door that would take us home to the 21st Century — to the Internet and tacos and Lady Gaga — was now a pile of ancient ruins.

To make matters even worse, I didn’t have my key. Paige had stolen it from me in an Epic Villain Turn that made me want to throw her into a pit of lions dressed as a clown with only a hot dog to protect herself.

I know. That doesn’t make any sense. But when was the last time your best friend was trapped back in time by a grade school bully who was working for Prometheus, the guy who literally stole fire from the gods?

You’d be a little flustered too.

We were out of options. So, we had gathered our forces, following them into the labyrinth. When they disappeared into that glowing blue portal, we decided to follow them. That was the entirety of the plan.

Turns out, it was not a good one.

I dodged another ax and pulled more daggers from my backpack with a sigh.

I’m not good at daggering. I’m good at computers. Ask me to rewrite the code on your website, or make you an app with in-game purchases, and I am your girl. Last month, I rewired fifty automatons so their power sources run on a combination of mechanical and solar power, which means we don’t have to wind them up every night, and they are even faster and stronger than they were before. I’m smart.

I’m good at what I do.

But the ax-wielding beardos didn’t need any tech support.

Trent leaped into the air, grabbed a spear before it hit Asterion, and spun it back toward the attacking army. He was a son of Hercules — one of the elite — and he was an incredible fighter. “What’s the plan?” he asked.

I looked around us. We were in a frozen forest, trees above, and hard-packed ground below. The beardos charged through the frozen wood — hurling every manner of sharp weapon. Plus, our path was rapidly coming to an end. It literally dropped off an icy ridge, disappearing into the bright morning light.

We had no choice. We had to keep following it. Number One and his army of evil automatons were headed down into the frozen valley below, and the beardo berserkers were rallying behind us.

“My best idea?” I asked him, knocking the snow off my wheelchair tire.

He flipped backwards and kicked a beardo in the face, then smiled. “Yes, Kleis.”

“Run!” I yelled…

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Each book in the Clockbreakers series takes you back through time into a world of myth and magic. As a folklorist, the Clockbreakers series gave me a chance to dive into the world of mythology — from Ancient Greece to Norway.