Clockbreakers Two from Hope Well Books

Charlie is back in Clockbreakers Two from Hope Well Books: Morrigan’s Revenge!

Charlie’s dad is gone, and she’s on a magic adventure to get him back! But first – fifth grade. She rolls her wheelchair into her classroom and then straight into an Ancient Irish battle. But this is not the time travel she expected. Betrayed by her friends, Charlie faces the wrath of the goddess, Morrigan, and the warriors think she is one of the fairies. Can Cuchulain — the hero of Irish folklore — help? Or will she be trapped back in an ancient myth forever? Find out in Clockbreakers Two!

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Sample of Clockbreakers Book Two from Hope Well Books

I’d avoided it for weeks. Cringed at the thought. Worried about what they would say. What they would do.

But I couldn’t stay away any longer. I had to go back. Had to face them.

I had to cross the threshold.

I held my breath, braced myself, and pushed the door open.

The room was filled with light and sound. I tried to slip in unnoticed, but you can’t really sneak anywhere in a giant golden wheelchair.

“Seriously, friends,” Mr. Julian said. “If you want to—Charlie! Good to see you. Welcome back. Do you want milk today?”

I shook my head and made my way to my seat. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me. Whispering. Staring.

“Her Dad…”


“Totally gone…”


“What’s with her hair?”

That last one was Paige, of course.

Paige with her tight black curls. Paige with her bright red shorts. Paige with her fingernail polish. Paige with her make-up.

Geez, we were still in fifth grade, right? You take one trip back in time, and the world around you falls apart.

Maria kicked her desk hard and Paige’s books dropped to the floor.

When Paige turned around to glare at her, Maria was already looking in the other direction, fastidiously taking notes. Which was funny, because Maria never takes notes. And I could see her smiling behind her long brown hair.

I settled my wheelchair in front of my desk. Thankfully, Number One had helped me trim down the gold so it could easily fit under my desk. It was still super noticeable, though, because it was basically a shimmering golden throne on wheels.

Before I could even set down my backpack, a wad of paper smacked me in the head. I looked up and there was Trent, smiling his stupid smile. I glared at him. He pointed at the paper.

I unwrapped it and stared down at his messy handwriting. It said:
Good to have you back, Kleis.

My face burned, and I shoved the paper deep into my backpack, like really far down there. Stupid Trent.

“That’s enough, everybody,” Mr. Julian interrupted. “We have too much to do today and not enough time to do it.”

I sighed and pulled my notebook out of my bag. School was the last place I wanted to be. But I really didn’t have a choice.

Dad had been missing for over a month. And the school had given me all that time to deal with the “loss” and my “vulnerability” in this time of “emotional uncertainty.”

Which was great, because I was launching a legendary manhunt across time and space for my missing Dad and plotting the total destruction of Prometheus—a mythical Greek trickster who could literally be anywhere and any-when—with the help of a minotaur, two pre-teen superheroes, and an army of automatons…

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