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Ready to toss a coin? What’s your wish? What’s your dream? Toss a coin, and share your wish with us.

Here at Hope Well Books, we believe that books are a doorway to new experiences — a place where you can see yourself and step into someone else’s shoes (if only for a day!). You can also travel to new towns and new worlds. That’s not all — you can even travel back in time, or far into the future.

We want your wish to become a reality — we want you to see yourself and your friends in the books you read, and we want you to read outside your own experience too.

So, toss a coin into our wishing well. We’ll help you find the book you need right now.

If you are looking for our current list of books, click here.

We are currently closed to submissions, but look forward to opening again in the future.

You can send us snail mail here:

Hope Well Books

5331 S. Macadam Ave

Ste 258 PMB 535

Portland, OR 97239

Toss a coin!

Toss a coin and make a wish in the wishing well
Image by Britannic Zane from Pixabay