Toss a coin

Ready to toss a coin? What’s your wish? What’s your dream? Toss a coin, and share your wish with us.

Here at Hope Well Books, we believe that books are a doorway to new experiences — a place where you can see yourself and step into someone else’s shoes (if only for a day!). You can also travel to new towns and new worlds. That’s not all — you can even travel back in time, or far into the future.

We want your wish to become a reality — we want you to see yourself and your friends in the books you read, and we want you to read outside your own experience too.

So, toss a coin into our wishing well. We’ll help you find the book you need right now.

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Toss a coin!

Toss a coin and make a wish in the wishing well
Image by Britannic Zane from Pixabay